Flight Information

We arranged flight discounts with three major airlines. Due to their policies, we have the information for each on a separate page. Most offer a 10% discount off the lowest published fare.

You have to call the meeting services number (listed on each page), and give the event code (also listed) to receive the discount.

Guests are flying from all over the country, so we are listed as the Wyatt Group, rather than a wedding (where you must all travel from the same city).  Groups (conferences, meetings, etc.), are given more latitude & freedom with travel plans.

If you are not flying directly into Lihue airport on Kauai, book your inter-island hop flights as soon as possible.  They fill up surprisingly quickly.

We also noticed that even in 1st and Business classes, the quantity of food has diminished on some cross-country and trans-Pacific flights.  We advise bringing lots of bottled water and snacks.

On the plus side, the in-flight entertainment usually is pretty good and most of these flights have in-seat video games for the kids. It is worth it to check out the plane's configuration and in-flight amenities before you book your ticket, sometimes a different flight on the same route will be on a "better" plane.  For example, some planes have 3-3 configurations, some 2-3-2, etc., so depending upon your party's size, take a look at the fleet's seating (it also is th ebest way to ensure an exit row seat).



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