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Weeks 21-29 for Arely


Arely went to her first Halloween party at Tavern on the Green, where she was a very cute (based upon Mom's biased opinion) bunny rabbit.  Most of Arely's playgroup went to the event, so she had lots of friends to squawk at.  She also went to the Halloween fest in Central Park and we picked out a pumpkin, which Daddy carved for her.  She vigilantly guarded the candy in front of the apartment with Uncle Justin's help.

Her 6th month checkup was a success; she is growing like a weed and was a good sport about shots.  She loves her music class, and now plays the mini-instruments more than she eats them - the best part is that she flaps her little arms and rocks to "dance" to the music.  She is very brave and never shies away from the instrument of the week (the teacher brings it to each child so they can feel how it works).  She has a lot of fun in Wee Wiggle Giggle, where she is making friends, and learning all sorts of new skills.  She hung out with her friends at the Children's Museum, and saw her friend Oscar, who came to visit with his parents.  She also took her first tour of the Met, saw her first foliage, fireworks, and snowfall.

She stated solids, which has been quite an experience.  Oatmeal is much yummier than rice cereal.  She likes to eat real bananas all by herself with the self-feeder.  Peas didn't go over very well, but the carrots, squash, bananas, pears, apples, mango, and avocado all are big hits.  She spent her first Thanksgiving in Cleveland with her Great-Grandmother (who turns 95 on the 27th), and a lot of other family.  It was wonderful to watch Arely spend time with Nana, who got a kick out of her antics.

Mommy just went back to the gym (a long, slow process), and Arely spends a few hours a week at Reebok's babysitting, which looks like an amusement park for little kids!  She has a crush on one of her teachers - he was giving her a kiss goodbye last time I saw them together and she was giggling with delight.  She went to her first Holiday Party there, hung out with most of her playgroup, and tried to eat one boy's sweater after he stole her toy.  We love that she doesn't let the older babies walk all over her (literally and figuratively).  She loves all the toys she received for Hanukkah, and enjoyed spending time with Aunt Hillary and Uncle Justin on Daddy's birthday.  She looks fabulous in the beautiful dress they got her and she wore it to the holiday party!  She also got her first pair of shoes this month!  Lastly, she hung out a lot with Mommy.

Oh, to derive so much joy from a red balloon . . .



The nursery rhymes quilt was made by Arely's Great Great Grandmother, Sophie Urman, for her own baby girl . . . Arely's Great Nana, Marge Simon.




Halloween Bunny sits guard over the candy                                           Little Drummer Girl       




I can make music           Look Dad, no hands                 I got this one . . . I am so over it                 So Mom, this is how you make it work  




One only can imagine the conversation . . . to us, it sounded like, "Squeak, squawk, ah-ah-ah, giggle."




                   Now I get why Uncle Justin had food on his shirt                    Mmmmm, peas                               Love bananas in the self-feeder                            


  ARELY's 1st TRIP TO THE MET & Ride Home Through Central Park


Museums are for babies . . . wait a second.                   Next stop, Narnia.                           My front yard!               


ARELY's 1st HANUKKAH . . . We lit the menorah, now what?


                   Let's order in!                  Where's the food?                Yummy dreidel                Hora accompanist                    




                          At Beechmont with Great Nana Marge and Nana Rolly       1st Sweet potatoes at Adele's       1st Snow                    




                  Sitting pretty            'Scuse me Brendan, you took my toy            I said, you took my toy                Yay!                   I didn't see anything.                       


HANGING WITH DADDY . . . 1st Fireworks, 1st Party Dress, 1st Shoes


   Enjoying pre-Marathon fireworks    Look at my Party Dress                  1st Uggs from Harry's Kids                  Napping after all the hard work                   




Arely and Mommy in Riverside Park                          My view               Just like Mommy, I go for the Crestron Panel