Arely Brooke's
Month 2

My second month of life was very eventful. 
I spent time with my Uncle Justin & Aunt Hillary,

I hung out with my friends, Wyatt, Oscar & Marley, and I saw my Nana Rolly, Great Auntie Carol, and

Edward this month.  I also saw lots of Mom and Dad's friends and moved into my new apartment.

I love my new room & really like the wood toys, cozy new blanket and adorable outfits my friends got me. 

I am "talking" . . . a lot (wonder where I get that from?) . . . and converse extensively with the baby in the mirror -

expect she interrupts me too much, so I squawk at her!  Lastly, I promise to work on my falling asleep skills!


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With Rolly, Carol & Edward, and Justin & Hillary


With my friend, Oscar, and his parents, Joe & Sonja