ARELY's 3rd Month

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In a very exciting Month 3, Arely got to see her Nana Rolly again, and met her Aunt Michele for the first time.  Arely likes tummy time much better now, is sleeping a little bit better at night, and decided naps aren't her thing.  She likes to look around, listen the adults talk and welcome Daddy home in the lobby.  Mostly she is looking around and thaking everything in.  She very much wants to speak, and tries valiantly all the time.  She had lots of adventures in Central Park, and got new friends Finley and Maryn.



Daddy and Arely hang out in her new room                  Arely with Aunt Michele                    Arely with Nana Rolly    


Arely and Daddy in Central Park, as she explores the grass and trees . . .



Look, toes are a great way to get to touch new surfaces


Daddy & Arely explore the world of cleanliness