These were exciting weeks for Arely . . .

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FAMILY – She met Grandparents, Charlie & Cindy Peckham, her Uncle John Peckham, and her very GREAT Grandmother Marge Simon. 

She spent time with Nana Rolly and Great Aunt Carol in Cleveland, and squawked a lot of birds in the courtyard, where Mommy did

the same as a child.  She spent time in the West Village with Uncle Justin & Aunt Hillary, and met their puppy, Humphrey Bogart. 

Arely now wants her stuffed doggie to wag his tail.  Justin & Arely took a nice walk in Central Park to celebrate the new year.



EXPERIENCES – Arely got her first "pilot's wings" on a very successful first flight from NYC to Cleveland.  Since then, she has enjoyed

September in New York, and her daily walks in the Park.  She also got to spend time with her friend Marley Coren in the Village,

where both girls were beautifully behaved.  She met her friends Bailey and Finnley Theiler and is sad they are moving to SF!


     With Julie & Marley               Bailey & Finnley                          On the Airplane!                     


GIRL'S GOT SKILLS – Arely is grabbing at everything in sight and loves putting Mommy's hair and clothes in her mouth

(along with all her stuffed animals, and anything else she can get her hands on).  She also figured out how to get her thumb in her mouth.

She likes to squawk at the Ducks in Central Park, and laugh at Daddy when he comes home and tries to put her to bed!