Weeks 16-20 for Arely

Once again, life has been very exciting for Arely.  She got glowing reviews for her 4 month check up -

and she did a great job with her immunizations!  She still is nursing and growing like a weed, and each day

her skill set improves.   She can grab and pass toys between hands, kick a ball tossed to her seat, and

"talk" and "play the spoons" - she loves her music class and likes to hang out with the big kids (6-8 mos.). 

She laughs hysterically when she is enjoying something, and quivers her adorable lower lip when she is not!

The biggest excitement was getting to meet her cousins and see all her NH aunts and uncles, and grandparents!

She survived the very long drive to NH and was a great sport, only asking that mommy sing the entire car ride

for entertainment.  Cousin Lindsay had her in hsyterical laughter, and Nick and Alex did a great job holding her.

The next day we were joined by Nicole and Samantha, and Arely seemed to love both of them, as evidenced

by all the giggles coming from the kids' table at dinner.  All the cousins promised to pass on sage advice to

"Baby Arely" and make wonderful role models.  Craig & Elizabeth can't believe how fantastic all the cousins look -

Arely can't wait to seem them in December.  Arely also loved her very first boat ride with Grandpa Chaz at the helm.

She really loved the lake and all the nature, and especially adored  . . . squawking at the birds!

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                                           Arely shows her cousins how her toys work!                                 The girl cousins - a beautiful group!       Linne shares Arely with the boys.    



Arely looking happy and at ease with Samantha, Nicole, Nick, and Lindsay - hey Ebb, can you babysit for us sometime?


Alex proves that even a teenage boy can sit still long enough to fall in love with a new cousin!  Embarassed yet?      Arely snuggles w/ Nana Cindy.  

Arely also thanks Linnie for all her help picking out outfits!                                                     


Arely and Daddy enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee, the fabulous view, and her first boat ride!



Arely shows off her ball skills (and Sox loyalty), as well as her leg-thumping, and tummy-time skills


Arely's new sitting-up strength in her baby chair (blocks are for kicking), and her first fun on the Exercauser