Hiking the Kalalau Trail always is the highlight of a trip to Kauai . . . return to home page

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  Craig & Elizabeth set out on the trail . . . don't fall off the cliff, and watch out for that red mud!  
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  We took a breather after a 2 mile hike to a rocky beach, and once back on the trail, found evidence of our 2001 hike in the bamboo groves.  
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  After another 2.5 miles, the Hanakapi'ai falls speak for themselves.  
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  Craig sits on the rocks by the falls and contemplates a swim to the falls. Afterwards Craig sat Elizabeth on the rocks and asked her to contemplate another adventure . . . and we got engaged!  
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The hike ends at Ke'e beach, where you can leave your hiking stick for the next traveler, and wash off all that red mud.
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