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Other Kauai Views . . .

Craig in Waimea Canyon on the way up to the wettest spot on earth.

If you plan to drive to Waimea Canyon or Barking Sands, take a look at our driving suggestions, which are both practical & make for a more enjoyable experience.   To get to Barking Sands, you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle, a full gas tank, and enough time to get back off the sugar cane/mud road before it gets dark. 

Barking Sands Beach is on the other side of the Na'Pali Coast from Ke'e Beach. There is no way to get from one to the other except by air or boat. If Kauai were a clock, Ke'e would be at approx. 11:30, and Barking sands at 9:00.  The Na'Pali coastline – with its breathtaking cathedrals and waterfalls – comprises the largely inaccessible  time between 9:00-11:30.   The walkable coastline which makes such stunning hiking along the Kalalau Trail, begins at Ke'e Beach, and ends at the isolated Honopu Beach (10:30).

The mountain Craig is standing in front of and the rocks he is standing on quite literally are the end of the road.  It also is the westernmost point in the U.S. (except for a small island open only to native Hawaiians).  Barking Sands is a great place to watch the sun set and try to catch the green flash.   It is NOT a good place to swim and has a serious rip tide.