Craig & Elizabeth's Wedding Party



The Guys:


Father T.R. Hartle (speaker)-

T.R. has know Craig and the Peckhams since Craig was a little boy in New Hampshire.  T.R. now lives in New Jersey and shattered all Elizabeth's notions of what being a modern day Friar entails.  When he is not encouraging the rich to give to the poor, T.R. is fabulously well-traveled, and is one of the best story-tellers we know. 

Alex Peckham (speaker)-

Craig's nephew recently celebrated his 13th birthday at NH's Lake Winnepessakee.  He is a talented athlete, and for some reason is a Packers fan.  He is caught his first Pro game vs. the Redskins at FedEx Field this Halloween. 

Nick Peckham (ring-bearer)-

Craig's responsible and good-natured youngest nephew.  Nick loves lacrosse and reads everything he can get his hands on.  Nick won Elizabeth's heart when he agreed to upgrade his Tar Heels baseball cap to a Duke one!


Craig's Best Man:


Matt Leland-

One of Craig's childhood friends from NH, where the boys primarily stayed out of trouble.  Matt now lives in Arlington, VA with his wonderful wife, Kim.  They were married last year, and had a stunning fall foliage-enhanced reception at Mount Vernon.  Matt practices law in DC.  Matt must have done something right as a child, because Charlie & Cindy are thrilled he agreed to be Craig's best man. 



Chris Peckham-

Craig's older brother was a Navy Pilot, and now is an engineer at BAE, where he works hard with Sue to keep us all safe.  Chris tells a great bedtime story to daughters Ebba and Samantha, and his fairytale prince occasionally reviews his troops before saving the princess.

John Peckham-
The most senior of the Peckham boys, John, is a Naval Officer turned buy-side analyst.  John works at Pioneer in Boston, and is the proud father of Alex, Nick & Lindsay.  John, his wife Michele (an attorney), and the kids all live in N.H.  John valiantly led Alex, Craig & Elizabeth on a hike up Mt. Washington this summer.    

Ben Reitzes-

Ben and Craig are friends from Vanderbilt, and Ben was part of the Columbus Avenue trio.  Ben is an equities analyst and is responsible for Craig's choice of career.  When Ben is not busy upgrading Apple, he can be found behind the Yankees bench.  Ben still lives in NYC, and is married to the lovely Revital (who not only is brilliant and beautiful, but knows how to throw a barbeque).  Ben's family has been wonderful to Craig.  

Chris Wyatt-

Elizabeth's brother graduated from the University of Michigan where he was Captain of the tennis team and President of his fraternity.  Surprisingly, this guy's guy also breeds stunning orchids (Elizabeth can't keep a cactus alive).  Chris lives in DC, although his heart belongs in Hawaii.  He gets credit for introducing Elizabeth & Craig to all the wonders of Kauai's Kalalau Trail and Hanakapi'ai falls.

Justin Wyatt-

Chris's fraternal twin is the youngest Wyatt by about 20 minutes.  Justin also went to Michigan, and now is an attorney practicing in NYC. If your company goes bankrupt, he's your man!  This summer Justin married Hillary Greenhouse, and is enjoying his newlywed status.  We love having Justin and Hillary in town, and hope they don't move out of the City!   


The Gals:


Ebba Nicole Peckham (junior bridesmaid)-

Craig's beautiful nine-year-old niece and Elizabeth have become good friends over the years, as Ebba has developed into a very bright, introspective young lady.  When not being a stellar big sister, or doing art projects with Craig & Elizabeth, Ebba is an avid reader, and is talented at all sorts of sports. 

Samantha Peckham (flower girl)-

Ebba's adorable younger sister began kindergarten this fall.  Samantha has boundless energy and is very sociable.  If you ever are in need of a hug, she's your go-to-girl.  This upbeat gal is sure to put a smile on your face.

Lindsay Peckham (flower girl)-

This petite sprite is the youngest of Craig's nieces & nephews.  Be careful, her charming smile belies a very active mind that catches everything she sees and hears.  She is well-versed in Hawaii's flora and fauna, and will reassure you that there are no snakes in Hawaii.


Elizabeth's Man of Honor:


Brad Herman -

Brad and Elizabeth know each other from their Bethesda childhoods.  Both loved their years at Duke, and watched the Blue Devils become back-to-back NCAA Champs.  Somewhere between Bethesda and practicing law in NYC, Brad became remarkably well-travelled and can give advice about numerous exotic locales.  Brad and his wife Conner recently moved to DC, where they bought a fabulous house they plan to rennovate (we envy the stairs, kitchen and garden).  Brad's entire family always has been wonderful to Elizabeth, and has been supportive during some difficult times.




Arielle Grill-

Elizabeth and Arielle are friends from Duke, where they shared a freshman dorm, countless heart-to-hearts, many rides home to D.C., and too many stressful games against UNLV.  Arielle and her husband Jeff both are attorneys.  They live in Bethesda, where Arielle now raises their brilliant, adorable & charming sons, Jason and Noah.  Arielle's wonderful mother Cathy is "sacrificing" a trip to Hawaii to baby sit two of the cutest boys in the world. 

Conner Wyatt Herman-

We owe Brad for introducing us to Conner (who has been a big cheerleader for our relationship).  Both of us treasure her friendship, and she has become an indispensable part of our lives.  Conner is an Air Force Intelligence Officer, currently working for the NSA in D.C.  Despite being the daughter of another Richard Wyatt, she is not related to us, but we consider her family nonetheless.

Stephanie Teicher-

Elizabeth and Steph attended Georgetown Law, moved to NYC, worked at law firms in the same building, and both lived in Grammercy – where Steph now owns a great apartment & has a key to the Park!  Steph is an amazing & irreplaceable friend, as well as a great source of strength and sanity.  Elizabeth misses their brunches, since she now needs to use frequent flyer miles to get all the way downtown. 

Amy Thompson-

Scott T., a mutual friend, charged Craig with introducing this newly-arrived attorney to NYC.  Craig invited Amy to be part of his Hamptons summer house, where she & Elizabeth met, instantly bonded, and survived the summer together.  The three of us have shared many meals, drinks, laughs, and tears!  We will miss Amy during her winter stint in SF.

Hillary Greenhouse Wyatt-

The newest member of the Wyatt family, Hillary married Justin this June, and is working toward a PhD in Psychology.  Hillary and Elizabeth first met at one of Brad's infamous Halloween parties, and bonded last winter over Pilates and sushi!  Hillary also gets credit for helping Elizabeth's impaired fashion sense – without her Elizabeth never would have been able to choose a wedding dress!